Event Investment FAQ

1. Who can apply for event funding?

Event owners that will run their event in Fiji under a registered business can apply for funding. In the case of our Event Development Fund (EDF) and Local Event Fund (LEF), only Fiji registered businesses can apply. For our Marquee Event Fund (MEF), Fiji registered businesses as well as overseas registered businesses can apply.

2. How much money can I apply for?

Our Event Development Fund is designed to assist events that are getting established. Event owners can apply for up to FJD$20k under this funding category. Our second category of funding is our Marquee Event Fund. This fund is targeted at securing high value events for Fiji that deliver in excess of 100 international visitors to Fiji or generates significant media coverage in our key markets. Event owners can apply for any amount over FJD$20k under this funding category. The Local Event fund is targeted to supporting the growth of domestic tourism. Event organisers can apply for up to a maximum of FJD$5k.

3. What sort of events does Tourism Fiji support?

Kết hợp xổ sốAll sorts. Artistic, Cultural, Lifestyle, Sport and Music events are just some of the types of events we are open to investing in. 

Most importantly though, we will consider investing in an event applying under EDF and MEF if our money goes directly towards achieving the following two key objectives:

  • Bringing new visitors to our country that otherwise would not have come, 

  • Showcasing the best of Fiji to potential international visitors via international media coverage

4. What if our event is small and doesn’t attract many international visitors?

Kết hợp xổ sốEvery single one of the world’s great major events has started with an idea. If you believe your event could grow into something big we’d like to hear about your vision. Specifically, we’ll want to hear about how it will turn in to something that will attract hundreds, if not thousands of international visitors.

5. How do I apply?

Every event assessed by Tourism Fiji for funding goes through the same online application process. The first step is to thoroughly read through our event investment program information here. This details the key objectives we look to achieve by investing in events, and also goes through the criteria upon which your funding application will be assessed. If you think your event can help us deliver on our key objectives, then you can start the application process by following the links at the bottom of that page.

6. When should I apply for funding?

We are open to hearing about great investment opportunities at any time of year.

7. How will my application for funding be assessed?

Kết hợp xổ sốProviding your event is deemed eligible for funding via our online process, the Tourism Fiji team will take all of the information you provide, and make an assessment across four key criteria, namely:

  • Economic Impact: The amount of new money your event brings in to Fiji via international visitation. We are particularly interested in events that fall outside of June – August, our peak tourism period,
  • Marketing Impact: The extent to which your event aligns with Fiji brand values, coupled with the volume and quality of media coverage your event generates in our key international tourism markets (eg: Australia, China, Singapore, New Zealand and the USA)
  • Strategic Impact: Amongst other factors, we’re interested in the extent to which your event will:
    • Use local Fijian produce and workers,
    • Interact with, and minimise impact upon Fiji’s natural environment, and
    • Provide great content for our international marketing teams to use.
  • Community Impact: Any successful, sustainable event will need the support of the local community. The extent to which your event engages with and has the support of local residents will also be a key factor in our assessment process.

8. How will I know if my application has been successful?

Kết hợp xổ sốTourism Fiji will inform you as to the outcome of your application via email. We will ask for your email address in the online application process.

9. How long will it take for Tourism Fiji to notify me as to whether my application has been successful?

Providing your application contains all the relevant information we need to conduct a full assessment, we will usually respond within one month. Should we require additional information to conduct our assessment, we may be in touch to ask some additional questions before being able to make a decision. In this case, our decision on funding your event will take longer.