Kết hợp xổ sốBula and thank you for your interest in Tourism Fiji's Event Investment program.

Kết hợp xổ sốThis is a competitive funding program. Only events that best meet our criteria will be supported.  Specifically, Tourism Fiji invests in events that deliver a clear, demonstrable return on investment.

We invest in public facing events via three separate event funds. For Funds 1 and 2, they must; 

  1. Kết hợp xổ sốAlign with Fiji’s brand values 

  2. Kết hợp xổ sốBring overseas visitors to Fiji that otherwise would not have visited 

FUND 1 – EVENT DEVELOPMENT FUND (EDF) – Up to FJD$20,000 per event 

The EDF is targeted at Fiji owned and operated events that need support getting established. These are events usually in their concept phase, or in the early stages of their development. The fund is provided to help Fiji’s event owners achieve financial sustainability. As such, EDF funding will be provided for a maximum of three years. To be eligible for EDF funding, events must:

  • Kết hợp xổ sốBe held in Fiji, 

  • Be owned and operated by a Fijian business or entity, 

  • Clearly demonstrate how it will deliver increasing numbers of overseas visitors over time

Please note that the following types of events will not be eligible for EDF funding:

  • Markets, community fairs, school fetes and carnivals, 

  • Regular community gatherings such as club meetings, religious gatherings, classes (eg: cooking or craft classes), 

  • Performances by community theatre or performance groups (eg: choirs), 

  • Local sporting leagues or competitions 

  • Any business events such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences or Exhibitions

FUND 2 – MARQUEE EVENT FUND (MEF) - FJD$20,000+ per event 

The MEF is designed to secure and grow existing events for Fiji. These events may be high profile “one offs”, or established events that with targeted investment, will deliver more overseas visitors to Fiji. To be eligible for MEF funding, events must:

  • Be held in Fiji, 

  • Be a registered business or entity (either in Fiji or internationally), 

  • Attract a minimum of 100 international visitors

Kết hợp xổ sốImportantly, event owners will need to specify what Tourism Fiji’s funding will be used for and how that is anticipated to drive visitor numbers.

Kết hợp xổ sốThe MEF will not fund business events such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences or Exhibitions.


Before assessing an application against our funding criteria (see below), Tourism Fiji (TF) will consider two factors first and foremost.

  1. Kết hợp xổ sốThe extent to which the event fits with Fiji’s brand values. To be considered, the event must demonstrate that it aligns with, or at the very least does not contradict, Fiji’s brand values. 

  2. The time of year the event will be staged. Tourism Fiji invest in events to fill our hotels and motels when they need it most.

Events staged in December, January or February will be viewed favourably.  Conversely, funding events staged in June, July or August will be difficult to justify.


Providing the event is a good brand fit for Fiji, and is staged at a favourable time of year, Tourism Fiji will assess an appropriate level of support for an event using the following criteria:

1. Economic Impact:

  • Visitation and Spend – The number of international visitors the event can deliver, their anticipated length of stay, and their likely expenditure on items such as accommodation, food and beverage, retail purchases, travel and transfers etc, 

  • Kết hợp xổ sốEvent budget – The size and origin of event revenues and the amount spent with Fiji businesses,

2. Marketing Impact:

  • Brand alignment – The extent to which the event aligns with Fiji’s brand values, 

  • Reach – The volume and quality of media coverage the event delivers into Fiji’s key tourism markets,

3. Strategic Impact:

  • Kết hợp xổ sốCapacity building – The extent to which the event will build on Fiji’s event delivery capacity, knowhow and infrastructure, 

  • Local employment – Whether the event employs and actively upskills locals, 

  • Event content – The quality of the content for use in Tourism Fiji’s marketing activities, 

  • Kết hợp xổ sốEnvironmental impact – The way the event interacts with the natural environment.

4. Community Impact:

  • Community support – The extent to which the event has the support of, and engages with the local community

When preparing a funding application, it will also be important for event owners to:

  • Kết hợp xổ sốTells us what Tourism Fiji funding will be used for. This will be particularly important for event owners that are applying for funding via the Marquee Event Fund. Tourism Fiji will need to understand precisely what our funding will be spent on, and how that spend will drive additional visitation to Fiji, 

  • Provide a well-articulated, event delivery, project management plan, 

  • Kết hợp xổ sốDemonstrate financial stability and capacity of the event organiser to manage event budgets, 

  • Show how they will collect key data such as visitor numbers and length of stay data to provide to Tourism Fiji as part of the post-event reporting, 

  • Be able to verify and demonstrate how estimates in relation to visitation and media coverage have been calculated. Event owners will be asked to achieve certain KPIs to access all of the agreed funding. The figures provided by the event owner will be important in establishing those KPIs. 

  • Articulate whether the event has or is seeking support from other Government departments.

If you would like to better understand the process, we apply to our event evaluation please read our evaluation process below:

FUND 3 – LOCAL EVENT FUND - Up to Maximum of FJD$5000 per event 

Kết hợp xổ sốThe Local Event Fund is available as pilot program for one year only, to support the growth of the destination’s domestic tourism industry in response to the challenges presented by the disruptions caused by COVID-19. The Fund will complement Tourism Fiji’s “Love Our Locals” domestic tourism campaign by supporting local events seeking to increase their tourism relevance.

To be Eligible for this fund, events must:

  • Be held in Fiji, 

  • Kết hợp xổ sốBe owned and operated by a Fijian business or entity,

  • Be an event that is an extension of an existing event or a new event that targets domestic tourism,

  • Expect to attract a minimum of 40 guests/visitors

Please note the following event will not be eligible for the Local Event Fund:

  • Kết hợp xổ sốTrade and Business events such as symposiums, expos or conventions, education events and conferences. 

  • Kết hợp xổ sốNew Year’s Eve celebrations, Christmas pageants, fireworks display, tours, open gardens, open days, club rallies, agricultural markets, reunions, non-professional performances, quiz nights, charity or fundraising activities.

  • Events that are part of an established business’s on-going activities

  • Kết hợp xổ sốEvents that are receiving other Government support (via financial contributions).

  • Applications seeking support for the entire cost of an event.

If you would like to learn more about the key criteria and application process for the Local Event Fund, please the guidelines below: 

Kết hợp xổ sốIf you think your event can deliver on Tourism Fiji’s objectives and fit the key criteria, please download the relevant editable PDF form at the bottom of this page. 

You can submit the completed form, along with other supporting documentation to events@tourismfiji.com.fj 

All funding applications will be assessed and awarded on a competitive basis.   

If you have any further questions please refer to our FAQs, and if you would like to discuss anything further, please contact the Events team at events@tourismfiji.com.fj, or on (679) 6722 433.